About us

Our company

Macrotick provides cost effective, enterprise grade networking solutions, monitored and managed from the cloud.

All Macrotick solutions are built around Mikrotik hardware and software, taking them to another level. Our vision is to compliment and Mikrotik products in four main areas: 

  • Hardware - with our own enclosure and power managment
  • Software - through cloud based monitoring and managment
  • Support - by connecting partners and customers
  • Training - using existing Mikrotik trainers and consultants

Our partners

We work with the existing Mikrotik distributors and service providers who wish to augment their offering with Macrotick products and services.

Our goal is to offer our solutions globally, with local order fulfilment and support. All services are provided locally, through our network of partners. This is why we offer full white label solution, including hardware and software, enabling our partners to use and strengthen their own brand, and deliver value added services.


This is the type of product that many customers have asked for. There is no comparable solution on the market today.

Xagyl Communication

Macrotick offers more features and several times lower price than any comparable products from other vendors we know.

Dekel IT